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Filthy Chic Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Keelia and Tamra.

Green Ribbed Dress


When I saw this dress I fell in love with it. I knew it would be perfect for me because of the fit and length of the dress. I also like that the dress sits off the shoulders and highlights my neckline. This is another outfit that  I ordered from Touch Dolls. It has become…(Read More)

Filthy Chic Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Keelia and Tamra.

As summer wines down, I’m spending my days working, studying and trying to get a little fun in. As I get older prioritizing my time becomes more important. There are so many things that I cant to accomplish, but I coming to the realization that without a strategy its hard to reach my goals…(Read More)

I can’t believe that it’s May and in Georgia we are still having some cool days. When I saw this jacket on sale from Banana Republic I fell in love. It’s perfect for this transitional weather that we’re having. It will definitely keep me warm on the cooler days. I also…(Read More)

With Keelia training for a bikini competition it has influenced me to take a look at my own eating habits. I have been a pescatarian since college when I declared that I was no longer eating chicken, beef or pork, only fish for me. The reasoning behind this change is that I wanted to live…(Read More)

 I have always had a passion for reading. I can  remember as a child in the summer reading for hours and hours. It was a like personal competition to see how fast I could get through a book. My love for reading is something that past down from my Grandmother. Til this day  reading has…(Read More)

Blue Jean Dress


  Lately health, fitness and beauty have become very important to me. Within the last year or so I had pickup some really bad habits, carbs galore, to many drinks and not even water. As a result, my clothes weren’t fitting properly and my feet were swelling on a daily basis. It hit me…(Read More)

 The best thing about having a sister who lives with you is that your closet expands. Well at least mine does. I definitely believe in the art of sharing, I’m not sure if Keelia feels that same way but it works for me. This orange crop straight from boutique Keelia and is a great…(Read More)

Little White Dress


I’m a lover of what I like to call ” urban boutiques”, you know those small stores in the mall that no one has ever heard of but has some good pieces for a decent price. Keelia always gives me the side eye when I suggest we go in one, but I love them because…(Read More)

This past Sunday was Easter and I was happy to be spending time with my family. We all get caught up in the hustle of life and don’t get much time to see or spend together. Getting together around the dinning room table for a meal has always been special to me. I don…(Read More)

Being able to wear my clothes in multiple ways is important to me and if I can layer a piece, I love it even more. Introducing this lace top into my wardrobe has served me in many ways. I can take this basic lace top and jeans and make it work for different occasions. The…(Read More)