New Year, Same Closet


Filthy Chic-6 Welcome to 2019! For us, this year is all about repurposing our closets. We are trying to save some coins this year. Instead of shopping for every occassion and event that comes upon us, we are challenging ourselves to get super creative with the items we alredy have in our wardrobes.   Filthy Chic-5 Tamra is wearing a sheer maxi skirt that she paired with leather leggings since it pretty chilly here in Atlanta. She also repurposed an traditional white button down shirt by tying it as off the shoulder blouse. The look is finished off with a leather motto jacket from Zara, studded heals from Adlo, funky pair of frames and cute sequin clutch. Filthy Chic-4 Filthy Chic-3 Filthy Chic-1

I am wearing a older beaded jacket that I got from H&M. I would usually wear this jacket open with a t-shit or blouse underneath. Here, I am wearing it solo. I paired this with a pair of satin joggers from the Loft. I finished my look off with a vintage belt from the thirft store, velet booties from Old Navy and a fur clutch from Target.

Filthy Chic-2

2019 is the year to put your creativy to work. Get your imagination flowwing an start wearing the things you already own. Trust us, you will be surprised of the outfits you will be able to create by just reachng deep into your closets!


Hugs & Chicness

Keelia & Tamra


Photo credit: Candid Frames Photography