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New Year, Same Closet


Welcome to 2019! For us, this year is all about repurposing our closets. We are trying to save some coins this year. Instead of shopping for every occassion and event that comes upon us, we are challenging ourselves to get super creative with the items we alredy have in our wardrobes.   Tamra is wearing…(Read More)

  Happy New Year! I’m pretty stoked about 2018. I have set a few new fashion goals for myself and I’m excited to see them all come to fruition. My first goal is to curate a new style. My style has always been pretty classic with touches of trends thrown in here and…(Read More)

Big Shirt + Big Jewels


Against my better judegment, I took myself to the mall two weekends ago. I told myself I would only buy a few things and tried to cap my budget (let’s just say that cap was around $50). To my surprise, I came to the mall on the wrong day…Every store was having amazing…(Read More)

Lately I have been addicted to YouTube. I have a strong affection for watching food videos (mostly healthy stuff). Over the past few months I have been watching quite a few videos that incorporated maca powder in the recipe. I had no clue what this stuff was, but I was so intrigued to find out…(Read More)

My sister (Tamra) and my mom found this blazer during the after Christmas sales…When they sent me the picture my eye were is disbelief. I really couldn’t believe how much it looked like the famous Balmain black blazer with gold buttons (see below). As soon as I saw it, I knew it had…(Read More)

I have recently had this new thing for dressing up my athletic wear. I love mixing hoodies with heals and skirts. The look is dressed up enough for dinner or even girls night, but it still leaves room for a little comfort. The older I get (I’m 32 if you are wondering…), the more…(Read More)

This year I made a commitment to myself to actually invest in slightly higher quality pieces and to only buy things that I absolutely love. In my efforts to keep this commitment, I decided to invest in this faux leather BCBG jacket. Yes, it was love at first sight and I fell even more in…(Read More)

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. Today I celebrate my 32nd birthday! Although life’s twists and turns have taken me in many unforseen directions, I can truly say that I am appreciating this journey. I have learned to fully embrace ALL aspects of my life and live in the…(Read More)

Scotch & Soda


Of course on my most recent trip to NYC, I had to find at least one good sample sale. I honesty had never heard of Scotch & Soda until my bestie introduced me to this AMAZING brand. Seriously, the mens clothing line gave me life! I bought a few pieces for boyfriend, but I picked…(Read More)

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Sheer Floral Maxi


I absolutely love this dress from Naked Wardrobe. It is a great piece to transition into your fall wardrobe. Here, I have paired my dress with a bandeau top and wedges, but as it gets a little cooler I can always switch the wedges for boots and the bandeau for short or long sleeve fitted…(Read More)