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Filthy Chic Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Keelia and Tamra.

Seems like I’ve been waiting forever to share this look with you all! It’s one of my favorite summer combinations thus far and I finally wore it today (Sunday, July 24th)! I just wore this around town running a few errands. This outfit deserves more than just a few errands so I may…(Read More)

Filthy Chic Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Keelia and Tamra.

This week we are bringing back the very popular hot pant and fringe trends from the 1970’s.  This can be a tricky trend to style because the hot pant is a risky look. If you aren’t so comfortable with showing so much leg, I would suggest styling hot pants with a long sweater…(Read More)

Filthy Chic Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Keelia and Tamra.

I simply love a light and breezy summer dress. I recently ordered this (it’s now sold out…Hopefully it will come back in stock soon) from Nasty Gal. I took this dress with me on a trip to Miami. It is the perfect outfit for a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean. How lovely is…(Read More)

Filthy Chic Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Keelia and Tamra.

Lately I have been super into simple and comfortable, but yet somehow glamorous looks. I fell in love with this blush colored skirt from Missguided. Here, I have paired it with a dressier top, but it would honestly be just as fabulous paired with a simple white tee to any other pastel color.   Wearing…(Read More)

I do not remember mentioning to you all that I am currently training for my first bikini competition. Over the past few months, I have been on an extremely strict diet and exercise program. Becuase of this, my weight and body shape have changed so much in such a short amount of time. It is…(Read More)

I have always loved the timelessness of mixing black and white. The key to making a simple black and white outfit stand out is including pieces with texture, pattern, and distinctive shapes. I fell in love with this abstract white Kendall + Kylie top from Nordstroms. I paired it with a checkered black and white…(Read More)

I’m sure you can remember the mule shoe that became popular back in the early 90’s. Well, the mule is back with a slightly updated look. I found my trendy peep-toe, chunky heeled mule on 200-120  300-101  70-410  70-411&amp…(Read More)

I currently have a new obsession with the color army green also known as olive. It has kinda become a neutral color in my wardrobe. I have learned that you can pair it with just about any other color. My favorite combination is olive, turquoise, gold and black. I purchase this crop top and skirt…(Read More)

Have you ever purchased an item that you really really love, but you just don’t have many things to pair it with or even worse, anywhere to wear it. Well, that’s exactly how I feel about my Rachel Zoe beaded top. It’s a gorgeous piece, it’s well made, but it just…(Read More)