The Ultimate Guide to Styling Menswear – Sweater & Sweatshirt Edition



Have you ever wondered into the men’s section of a store and seen a sweater or sweatshirt that you thought was super cute? Well, I have and I must admit, I do it quite often.  I absolutely love finding little gems in the men’s section because nine times out of ten you won’t see another woman in the same thing. Also, it is the perfect less expensive way to find that oversized sweater you’ve been eyeing in the women’s section (and we all know it’s still not marked down enough yet). So…Don’t allow the name of the department to scare you away. Believe me, there are treasures in the men’s department and I am here to help you figure out how you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

So, before we get into styling there are a few formalities  that we discuss. First things first, we need to cover the size and fit of men’s tops. I am sure you are aware that men’s and women’s sizing are totally different. Menswear is cut larger in the shoulder and arm area so this usually means going down a size or two. I usually purchase an extra-small or small size in men’s tops (I like a small or medium top in women’s). Another factor to consider is price points in the men’s department are usually much lower than in the women’s section and surprisingly made of much higher quality fabrics…WHAT?!? Yes, ladies, we are getting sold the shorter end of the stick. Lastly, shop in peace and with no guilt at all! Most of the time when I wonder into the men’s department, no one bothers me. Usually, my trip is comprised of a few strange looks when they realize I am not shopping for a significant other, but for myself. There is honestly nothing better than HASSLE FREE shopping!

So with all that being said, ladies, please proceed with NO shame…

Tip #1 

Pair your men’s sweater/sweatshirt with crochet or lace…


This will instantly feminize  and soften the look of any type of menswear.



Tip #2

Belt it!

DSC_7786 This will instantly add structure and shape to your more than shapeless oversized top. DSC_7791


Tip #3

Wear it with a mini-skirt! 



Tip #4

Pair it with your favorite boyfriend (or girlfriend) jeans


…And don’t forget your Timberlands



Just a few of my inside tips for shopping and styling menswear…

Hugs & Chicness