Street Chic: Luckie








Wearing top from Marshall’s  | H&M skirt |  heels from Ross | NY&Co gold watch | black clutch  was handmade, from my own design

Age: 26
Occupation: What don’t I do?  YouTube Makeup Guru, Instragram Blogger, Makeup Artist, Designer, Assistant Teacher, Mom, and Wife.
What’s your personal style?  
Classic Chic
Where do you find the best deals?  
Marshall’s, H&M, and Forever21. They are always running sales, so it’s so easy to find great deals!
What  makes someone stylish?
Confidence. I know that sounds so cliche, but it’s true. If you can work it, and feel good in it, you are always going to be in style.
What piece of clothing or accessory could you not live without?   
My Purse. My whole life is in my purse.. from my camera for on the go vlogging, to my son’s socks, to my favorite lipstick.
What clothing/accessory item do you think everyone should have in their closet?
A pair of sexy, tall black heels. They make you feel good, look taller, and your legs look incredible!
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