DIY: Photo Booth


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As I mentioned before in our latest Weekend Review we hosted an event called Beauty and The Chic this past weekend.  We decided to we wanted to have a photo booth, but we did not want to spend the money and hire someone, so WE MADE OUR OWN!!!
This is a great idea and saves tons of money! With 3 easy steps you can create your own photo booth as well!


 STEP 1: Set-up


 Gather all your materials: camera, tripod, white (or color of your choice) flat sheet, and a stand alone clothing rack.

STEP 2:Design

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Make your signs! Get creative and use lots of colors, glitter and decorative stick-ons! We purchased pre-cut poster board and letters from Michael’s.

o-matic 7


STEP 3:Photos

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o-matic 25

Just add props and you are ready to snap away and take all the photos you want! 




Warning: make sure you purchase a clothing rack with adjustable heights (at least 6″). We had a minor issue with ours…it was a little to short (shrugs)!


All in all our DIY photo booth was a huge hit and we had lots of fun with it!!


Hugs & Chicness

Keelia, Tamra and Amanda