Street Chic: Brittany


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Wearing Urban Outfitters tank | Ann Taylor clutch| Target jeans and shoes | TJ Max August Silk cardigan   | DIY bracelets | Francesca’s blue flower earrings

Age: 26

Occupation: Marketing Associate Brand Manager

What is your personal style?

My personal style is classic wear everywhere pieces with a little spice — day to night, work and play. I like to be comfortable in my clothes and I like them to be versatile but I most importantly like for them to last! I do fall in love with some new trends but my style is all about incorporating fleeting trends in ways that is timeless.

Who most inspires your style?

I’m inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Rihanna! Both women fearless fashionistas but an absolute reflection of themselves and their lifestyle and the times they live in. I am a good mix of classic and rockstar — I want my clothes to say I am not afraid to try new things and that I have bold opinions but also that I work hard to earn respect!

What’s your favorite store?

This is a hard questions because I don’t have just one favorite store. I tend to buy certain things from certain places because I know for sure they fit well like jeans from J. Crew and GAP because I wear a tall, and lingerie from Soma because I need an F-cup but I am always looking for a bargain — it doesn’t matter where it comes from!

What do you think makes someone stylish?

Style is not about clothes! You should be getting dressed for yourself! Clothes and hair and makeup simply help you feel so indestructible, so on-top of the world, and so fabulous that you are able to simply be your best you. A stylish woman or man is someone who looks inspired, more importantly feels inspired, and most importantly inspires others!

What piece of clothing and/or accessory could you not live without? 

I just cut off all of my hair so right now I can NOT live without my J. Crew tortoise headband! I wear it with everything! It has also inspired a recent animal print obsession!


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