Street Chic: Ava


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Wearing(in this picture): H&M sweater, Old Navy shirt and skirt, Converse sneakers from Marshall’s headband from Hobby Lobby

Age: 5 years old, she’s tall and wears a size 7/8, but she’s five. 4/26/07

Occupation: Full-time student and lover of the arts including singing, dancing and painting. She’s diligently working on perfecting her cartwheel and recently expressed being an artist or bee keeper when she grows up.

What are your favorite colors?
pink, purple and blue
How do you pick out your outfits?
Ava’s answer: From the store. You first lay it out and then I pick it out.

Mom’s answer:  I put clothes from her closet on the bed and she selects what she wants to wear each day from her options. Sometimes it gets pretty interesting but it’s her style and I respect her decision making – stripes, patterns and all.
What’s your favorite store?
Ava’s Answer: Um, Atlantic Station.
Mom’s Answer: We shop at H&M, Gap Kids, Old Navy, Target and Children’s Place.
  • Kristen

    Too cute! She and her answers are adorable!

  • Grandma Liza

    Ava is simply divine. A STAR in the making! She’s beautiful, intelligent, and tall with a delightful personality. We are blessed to have her.

  • Toniece Walker

    Aww Ava! She looks soo cute

  • Monique

    Ava is too awesome !!! she is super stylish