Keelia’s Kitchen: White Peach Sangria


I absolutely love fruity drinks! I have been searching for the perfect summer drink for a while now, so when I came across this recipe for white peach sangria, I was elated! This beverage is like a fruit explosion in your mouth and the best part is that it only takes like 15 minutes to make. So follow me into my kitchen and lets get started!


First, I wanted to say that I was a little discourage after attempting to make those disastrous croissants, but I didn’t want to give up! I am so glad I didn’t because this recipe is amazing and sure to be loved by all(well at least all the ladies).

As you can see I began by gathering all of my ingredients.


I chopped up my apples, oranges, mango’s and peaches. Feel free to us any kind of fruit you want. I went ahead and purchased pre-sliced apples and mango’s. I also bought a jar of peaches (I usually use fresh peaches but none were available at my local grocery). Using pre-sliced items trims down your prep time by about 7-8 minutes

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Place all of your delicious fruit in a pitcher and begin adding liquid ingredients. I always pour the wine in first. This time I chose a reisling, but the recipe suggest a chardonnay. It really just depends on how sweet you would like it. I follow the wine with 1/2 cup of peach schnapps and 1/4-1/2 cup of sugar. The recipe does not call for any juice, but I add a splash or 2 ( any fruit flavored juice will do) to intensify the flavor. Lastly, I add in the ginger ale. This gives it a little ting! Stir it up a bit and your ready to enjoy a nice BIG glass!


It is best served with cheese and crackers as a snack or with a weekend brunch! It is also a refreshingly cool drink to have while relaxing by the pool.

This recipe has been taste tested and approved by friends and family alike!

Drink up!

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Hugs & Chicness