Keelia and I are constantly having a discussion about shapewear. I am a big component of shapewear.  She on the other hand is not. I believe that shapewear gives every outfit a smoother and more put together look. It is my belief that regardless of  your shape, size, or age we all should wear shapewear. Keelia claims that it’s constraining. She also says she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable all day.  My thought is who doesn’t want to be snatched. Today’s shapewear is moveable and breathable and comes in a variety of fabrics.  My favorite type of shapewear is anything that helps to smooth my thighs. I’m a lover or dresses and skirts so anything that can keep my thighs from rubbing together is good for me.  Shape wear can be found in many department stores such as Macy’s, Target and H&M. The downside to wearing shape wear is that it can be expensive, but I have found that great pieces which are fairly reasonable.  Which team are you on team snatched or team jiggle?


Here are links to some of my favorite shapewear

Spanex Slimmer and Shine                        Shaping seamless shorts                             Hanes All Over Slim Torset bodysuit