Missguided Shaggy Gilet



So I have to admit I had no idea what a gilet was until I searched the name on Google. It’s really just a fancy word for a sleeveless jacket or vest.  I feel in love with the look of this particualr vest and thought it would be a nice and unique  piece to add to my wardrobe. There is a downfall to this shaggy gilet…it sheds…and it sheds horribly! I have been debating if wearing the vest is even worth it. Not only does the shedded material get all over me, but it gets on aznyone sitting or standing next to me as well! I guess it is just the risk you take with online shopping…For now, I will keep rocking the vest and charged shed to the fashion game. 





Wearing Forever 21 sweater | Missguided gilet | Urban Outfitters wool hot pants | Just Fab Boots | Traci Lynn necklace and bracelet | Banana Republic clutch