Keelia’s Kitchen: Croissants

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Keelia’s Kitchen: Croissants

Welcome to Keelia’s Kitchen!

I will share my mishaps and successes in the kitchen…bare with me, I am not a professional.


My favorite Foodie blog is How Sweet It Is. When I came across the croissant recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it. It was definitely much more difficult and time consuming than I thought. The process took nearly 15 hours!!

I had great confidence in myself. I followed each step as directed. I’m not sure where I went wrong…

But somewhere within that 15 hours I made some kind of mistake…because my “croissants” didn’t quite turn out as expected.



First I gathered all of my ingredients (see link to recipe at end of post)


I used a Kitchen Aid mixer to make the dough


After the dough was made, I cleared and cleaned off a large area of counter space and rolled the dough out.



Cut the dough into triangles using a pizza cutter.


Rolled’em up!


Placed them on the baking sheet


and brushed with egg mixture before baking


I wish you could have seen my excitement when I took them out the oven!!


Perfect! Or maybe not…Looks more like a crescent roll than a croissant…Why isn’t it flaky?


I think I’ll stick to semi-homemade and use pre-made dough instead.

Better luck next time!

Croissant recipe from How Sweet It Is


Hugs & Chicness


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