Just Another Rainy Day… Why Not DIY ?


Being that it was raining ,yesterday was a great day for a DIY project. Shorts are my summer challenge. Because I am larger on the bottom than the top, it’s usually hard for me to find a good pair of short shorts.   If I do  buy shorts then I tend to lean towards the ones that hit just above the knee because I hate when my shorts bunch up due to my thighs. This summer I have decided to rock the shorter shorts. The best way for me to do this is to create my own.


I chose an old pair of jeans ( I prefer some with a  little stretch). In order to get the length that I desired,  I folded the legs in half and cut at the crease. This help me to judge how short I wanted to go. Then I folded the legs again and cut at the crease once more.


Once I had my desired length, I took a bucket and filled a quarter of it with bleach and a cup of water.


Then I dipped the shorts in the bleach for about ten minutes. To get the ombre affect I kept the ends of shorts in  the bleach longer.


After bleaching  the shorts, I rinsed them with cold water and put them in the washer and then dryer.


Here’s the finished result!



Hugs & Chicness

Tamra & Keelia