We were recently able to interview the owner of Fancy Habit Boutique, Chiquita Kirkland . Her online store is pretty awesome  with affordable items that can easily transition from day to night!  We enjoyed hearing her story and vision for the boutique future.! So, enjoy the interview and don’t forget to visit the store to receive 30% off your next purchase!!!

In the words of Chiquita Kirkland “There’s nothing wrong with being fancy”

When did you realize you wanted to open an online store and how did you get started?

While I was in high school I decided I wanted to be a business owner and I have always had a love for fashion. While in college I worked at a popular women’s clothing store and learned what looks good on a women and the quality of clothing. While working full time I could not put my dream on hold any longer and in the summer of 2011 I started putting plans together to open my boutique online.

What is your favorite season for fashion?

My favorite season for fashion is Spring/Summer because everyone is free to try different styles and many different colors!

Do you have a fashion icon, if so how have they influenced tour style?

I do not have a fashion icon. I just love fashion it doesn’t matter who is wearing it as long as it looks good on them.

tell us about the type of woman that shops at Fancy Habit!

The types of women that shop at fancy habit are trendy women looking for quality clothing at great prices. The pieces I choose can be worn in different ways. You can create different styles out of one item to get the most for their money.

How would you describe your style and how does that influence the merchandise selection for the store?

My style is a more comfortable style. On a casual I like to put on a comfortable top, skinny pants, and wedge topping it off with a scarf and jewelry. You will rarely see me in flats because I’m so short.

If you could pick one item from your store what would it be?

It is kind of hard for me to pick one item. I love a nice blazer. I would pick the studded blazer. It can be dressed up to go over a dress or paired with some pants and boots. It can also be worn with silver or gold jewelry. You have different options when wearing this blazer.

What does the future look like for Fancy Habit?

We are looking to partner with more quality brands to offer more items online. Getting out in the community, doing more fashion shows and events in the area.


HERE ARE SOME OF OUR FAVORITES!! Favorite Picks from Fancy Habit Boutique


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