Keep on Keeping on…



I remember an old gospel song by Carlton Pearson called We’ll Understand It Better By and By. In the song he tells the story of an old mother in the church…Every time he would see her she would ask “you yet holding on?” he would answer “yes mother I’m holding on” she would reply “well you just keep on keeping on”

When I found this t-shirt at forever 21, it immediately struck me on two accords. First, the fact that I work for a transportation company and I couldn’t wait to dress this shirt up for casual Friday’s. Second, because of this song by Carlton Pearson. As I read the text on the t-shirt, I reflect on life and realize that no matter the hand we are dealt, we must keep going. Never give up and keep our eyes on the prize (whatever that may be for you).

It’ so easy to let life’s problems get you down, but what is most important is what you do with life’s let downs. Instead of taking the normal negative attitude, try turning it into something positive and making the most of any situation.







Wearing: Forever 21 t-shirt | J Crew tank | Blazer United Colors of Benetton | Obey jeans | Nine West Shoes | Brahmin handbag

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