DIY-Studded Jacket


About a month ago I bought two packages of studs from Hobby Lobby with the intention of adding them to a pair of jean shorts that I had bought at the thirft store. When I attemptedî to add the studs to the shorts the fabric was to thick and they wouldn’t go through. I decided that I needed to regroup, so my next attempt was to add the studs to the shoulders of a t-shirt, but that fabric was to thin and they wouldn’t stay. Last night as I was going through my closet I stumbled upon this denim jacket that I bought last spring at H&M. At one time this jacket was a staple in my wardrobe, but like many other items I have I had forgotten about it . I figured that adding studs to this jacket I once loved would be great way to revive it! I loved how it turned out and it was really easy.


Find an old item in your closet that needs to be updated! ( Make sure the fabric isnt to thick or the studs wont go through and if its to thin the studs wont stay.)


I got these studs from Hobby Lobby in the leather section for less then $2 a pack.


Arrange the studs how you would like them to be place on the item


Once you have decided on how to arrange the studs, push them through the fabric and close the clasps. I used a tweezers to push the clasp in.


One side completed on to the next!


Finished product. I love this DIY because it was simple and I could do it while watching a rerun of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.