Rachel Zoe Beaded Top + Yellow Mesh Skirt

April 13, 2016 admin

Have you ever purchased an item that you really really love, but you just don’t have many things to pair it with or even worse, anywhere to wear it. Well, that’s exactly how I feel about my Rachel Zoe beaded top. It’s a gorgeous piece, it’s well made, but it just isn’t practical for everyday…

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Orange Crop Top and Full Skirt

April 11, 2016 tamra

 The best thing about having a sister who lives with you is that your closet expands. Well at least mine does. I definitely believe in the art of sharing, I’m not sure if Keelia feels that same way but it works for me. This orange crop straight from boutique Keelia and is a great transition piece for the beginning…

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Little White Dress

April 6, 2016 tamra

I’m a lover of what I like to call ” urban boutiques”, you know those small stores in the mall that no one has ever heard of but has some good pieces for a decent price. Keelia always gives me the side eye when I suggest we go in one, but I love them because I think you can always…

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Sleeveless Tailored Blazer & Pleated Trouser

April 4, 2016 admin

I have always been a huge fan of pairing classic and trendy styles. Here I have combined a trendy long sleeveless blazer with a classic pleated trouser.     I also incorporated a pop of color by adding a bright orange tribal necklace to balance the muted colors of the blazer and trousers. Don’t be afraid to add a…

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Pink T-Shirt + Navy Lace Skirt

March 30, 2016 tamra

This past Sunday was Easter and I was happy to be spending time with my family. We all get caught up in the hustle of life and don’t get much time to see or spend together. Getting together around the dinning room table for a meal has always been special to me. I don’t know about your family…

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Abstract Topper Jacket

March 27, 2016 admin

The older I get the more I learn to appreciate classic styles. I have recently added this gorgeous topper jacket to my collection. The topper jacket is from the 1950’s fashion era. It will immediately give any outfit that “Jackie O” look. It’s an undeniably sophisticated piece that will never go out of style. Not only can you…

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3 Ways to Wear A Lace Top

March 22, 2016 tamra

Being able to wear my clothes in multiple ways is important to me and if I can layer a piece, I love it even more. Introducing this lace top into my wardrobe has served me in many ways. I can take this basic lace top and jeans and make it work for different occasions. The lace top with a bra…

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WHBM Trench Dress + Chico’s Faux Leather Fringe Jacket

March 20, 2016 admin

I have made a new promise to myself to only purchase items that I love. Since I have a pretty extensive wardrobe, I really don’t need to add any new items just because. So…in my efforts to control impulse purchases, I have decided if I don’t really love it, then I don’t need to have it…

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Green Mock Turtleneck Dress + Floral Jacket

March 15, 2016 tamra

Both this green dress and floral jacket are both oldies but goodies. Don’t you love when you go in your closet and find pieces that you can always count on that is how I feel about this outfit. The dress and jacket were both gifts to me, but they carry me from year to year. I love the jacket…

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