Street Chic: Tavaya







Wearing Urban Outfitters Lucca Couture sweater short | BDG printed dolman shirt | Steve Madden DejaVu black leather pumps | Michael Kors Gold Horn Acetate watch

Age: 23        Occupation: Not your typical “tax accountant”

What’s your personal style?

I’d have to say a blend of Rihanna, Solange, Omhyra Moto, and a ‘dash’ of Kourtney Kardashian…no pun intended!

What’s one item that you think everyone should have in their closet?

Definitely a Fitted Navy Blazer. Whether its interview day, cut off shorts & v-neck, or a hot night on the town, a navy blazer is always appropriate.

Who/ What most inspires your style?

Pretty Eclectic. The weather and my mood every morning. If it’s bright, hot and sunny on a Saturday morning, I’ll play nice and do something flowy and thin. If it’s gloomy out, I’m digging for my cut off rock-da-mic shorts…something RihRih style and my red or dark purple lipstick. I always play nice on Sundays with a fun dress or skirt…Too bad I only get to play dress up on weekends. Damn you job.

What article of clothing brings back the best memories?

My white canvas Keds! I wear them with a flowy dress, skirt, however I’m feeling. They’re classics! They take me back to the see-saw, swings, and monkey bars during recess every time I wear them!

What celebrity closet would you love to raid?

Victoria Beckham, Michelle Williams (the actress) Kourtney Kardashian, Rachel Zoe…but if I must choose one…Rachel Zoe. She’s a stylist so I imagine there would be such a vast array of items to grab!